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AGM Separator

Our AGM separator product line can be customized to meet your plate width, plate insertion gap, and battery compression. Further, our products are produced with low, medium, or high surface area to meet the needs of your battery design and application. And we can customize according to your needs, such as thickness, tensile strength, puncture resistance

Ordinary AGM separator:

High strength, good resilience, low impurity content, low resistance, and capillary acid absorption being faster in speed and stronger in capability. Good pressure retention capability to prevent electrolyte stratification.

AGM separator with high specific surface area :

High specific surface area, good group pressure retention capability, high strength, small pore size, high porosity, low resistance and good resilience.Suitable for larger current discharge, strong vibration resistance, good cryogenic  performance and good cycling performance.

Anti-puncture separator:

High strength, good resilience, moderate pore size, strong capillary acid absorption, low impurity content and high anti-puncture intensity. Strong high-current discharge capacity, anti-dendritic crystal short circuit, and no electrolyte stratification.

Starting-type AGM separator:

Small pore size, high porosity, low resistance, good resilience and high strength. Suitable for high-current fast discharge, strong vibration resistance and good starting performance.

Start-stop battery AGM separator:

High strength, moderate pore size, high porosity, low resistance, low impurity content and high ductility. Small self-discharge, fast charging and discharging, good separator elasticity, strong capability to protect active material of negative plate from falling off, good fiber combination performance and good polar plate air permeability.

Applications We Serves

Lead acid storage battery

Auto start-stop battery

Electric vehicle battery

Motorcycle battery

Electric bicycle battery,

UPS battery power supply

Telecom and emergency light power supply